Linkbacks aka: Backlinks can be a good thing, however as with most SEO (digital marketing) applications many caveats must be considered.

Backlinks that are considered good would fall into the category of anchoring your Brand name and/or keyword(s) anchor texting from what’s considered an authority website along with backlinked locations that are specifically relevant to your genre (biz).

An authority site simply means it has gained credibility with search engines from past experiences. Your site could even considered an authority site regarding your genre, especially some blog posts that are strictly dedicated toward highly concentrated educational content answering specific questions. It could also be a news site (albeit caveats arise concerning the whole fake news atmosphere). Other authority sites include .edu (educational institutions) and .gov types (however can be very hard to secure .edu/.gov backlinks).

The trick is to determine the best ‘clean’ backlinking tactics.

For example, one component in assisting a client of ours is to provide certain check list items along the way that would enhance visibility, without raising any red flags.

Guest posting to other authority sites still works fine and is considered a ‘clean’ backlink. Whereby, you would write (or have written) an article relating to IT Security, which would be placed on an authority website’s blog that deals with providing security hardware. You would get a backlink for your guest post with a backlink to CN from an authority genre related company (eg., a security hardware company).

Backlinking tactics are just one small component of the overall SEO/digital marketing elements.

These links are of various types. Grouping them according to different criteria:

> Ways of acquisition: self-built, naturally-acquired, SEO attack;

> Link building tactics: awesome content, social media, guest posts, paid posts, etc.;

> Quality of the source: authority, relevant, unrelated, spam;

> Location: main content, navigation, footers.

Ultimately, though, the most important factor for link building (linkbacks/backlinking) is how much SEO value a link will bring to your site. If there’s no value then it could actually hurt your exposure.

The best trick is to get existing related clients and related supporting companies you work with to provide a reference backlink (having them secured with a ‘do-follow’ tag).

Note, most social media sites use a ‘no-follow’ tag, which means you gain zero link juice from such backlinks. Not to discount social media backlinks, because another elements in SEO/digital marketing enter into this picture… eg., getting folks to your Landing and GMB (Google My Business) pages for traffic counts (supports algorithms) and good bounce rate analytics. So, we won’t necessarily discount social media backlink strategies.

When you speak at (or even just attend) an industry event, sponsor such an event, or make a donation, you usually earn some acknowledgement from the organizer and participants… make sure your company gets digital marketing credits in their publications regarding backlinks.

Local Directory link juice… This is a part of our monthly plan to incorporate correct local and national industry directories as backlinking strategies.

BTW… you’ll need a list of specific ‘industry’ related directories for such placements.

Backlinks shouldn’t always go to your Homepage… always direct backlinks to pertinent content/subject matter that relates to the keyword structures.

Note: especially well placed <h> header tags (of which we provide insights thereof).Also note that backlinks do not have to be ‘anchored’. Meaning, hence this whole AI thing Google and other search engines (eg., BING) have intellegence built in to recognize a related reference to a Brand and don’t require anchored text to secure relevancy.

The backlinks you’ll want to be cautious of include… Paid links (paying for posts in disguised private blog networks… PBNs). You probably have already heard the buzz term, Private Blog Networks, and they come in many different flavors and are being scrutinized a lot lately… Caution must be given prior to PBN backlink buys.

Also links from bloggers and cheap paid links from services that are not valuable… You pay high dollars for great backlinks, but if the SERPs catch you doing it without a ‘natural’ link relevancy structure, you’re toast.

While it’s quite difficult to keep to the ideal formula of a backlink (a do-follow in-content link from an authority niche-related site), it’s crucial to keep away from dangerous types of backlinks.

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