What is a Master Genre Keyword?

A ‘master genre keyword’ is essentially a ‘primary or broad-based’ keyword as it relates to the subject matter.

Let’s look at the primary/master keyword…

Let’s use the primary/master keyword, ‘brigadeiros’… What the heck is that?

A brigadeiros is a Brazillian dessert treat. It’s the primary/master keyword in this example. Yet, being a keyword by itself only has broad-based SEO references and is very competitive on its own.

Supporting keywords

Supporting keywords to supplement and better compete with the (master) KW, brigadeiros, would be extensions, or Keyword ‘phrases’. And such KW extensions/phrases would also relate to the ‘intent’ of such KW… eg., (to mention just the essential ones)… informational, navigational, commercial, and transactional.

So, extending the use of a primary/master keyword, brigadeiros, one would include pertinent KW phrases like the following to supplement and support the primary/master KW.

As a very general example…

– (what are) famous Brazilian brigadeiros desserts? (informational)
– (where do I find near me) seller of Brazilian brigadeiros? (navigational – eg., a local biz)
– (how do I locate) a Brazilian brigadeiros distributor? (commercial)
– (buy)(shop for) Brazilian brigadeiros online (transactional)

Other, general related terms include (as simple examples)… traditional/classic Brazilian candy, Brazilian sweets, Brazilian gourmet chocolates, Brazilian bon-bon candy, et. al.

Of course, KW research goes much deeper, but maybe this might assist with an overview.

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