What’s an obnoxious pop up?

Pop ups that interrupt your flow of reading suck and we would call, obnoxious.

You know, those pop-ups that blow-up in your face as soon as you land on a website… those are obnoxious!

The pop-ups that are time for a few seconds once you land at a website that ‘blow-up’ in your face… those are obnoxious!

However, since marketing is a large part of our SEO services you can bet that we incorporate some less aggressive approaches of implimenting pop-up and capturing emails of potential customers that didn’t otherwise purchase the first time visiting a landing page (blog post, et.al.).

And indeed it’s been proven that if you don’t do your best to capture an email contact from a visitor, the chances of them ever returning to your site is very slim.

Why not just use tracking re-targeting pixels instead of pop-ups?

Sure you can set a tracking re-targeting pix, but it’s not the same as grooming them in a dedicated email follow-up funnel.

When is it appropriate to use pop-ups?

The most responsive eCapture (let’s call them pop-ups) techniques that we’ve used with good experience for our clients and their visitors include…

1. The lower right-hand ‘slide in’ box.

This slide-in, calling it a ‘soft pop’, usually works best sliding in from the lower right hand corner, only after the reader has scrolled to the very bottom of the content on the page. Making sure that it doesn’t cover any essential reading copy.

2. Fixed bar at the top.

With the right copy and colors this fixed bar at the top of the page goes a long way in getting a point across, like opting-in to an offer, yet not being obnoxious.

3. Fixed Opt-in box in right-hand column.

This is the old tried and try positioning of an opt-in request. It’s not a pop-up but (if you will) a banner the permanently resides in the (example) right-hand column of your landing page.

4. Exit pop (Yes an exist pop!)

If they decide to altogether leave your site… as this is your last chance to give them a reason to get on your list. This is the most acceptable of obnoxious pop-ups. If you visitor is leaving your page without taking action (calling you or buyer your offering) then it is indeed appropriate to snag their attention (opt-in or another immediate offer) as they attempt to leave your page.

What Makes a Compelling Opt-in Offer?

You need to offer your potential opt-in with a real reason to give up their email… and ‘no’ becoming a subscriber to one’s eNewsletter ain’t going to cut it.

Look, SEO is great to get a potential customer to a landing page, but if that page doesn’t convert in either securing a sale or capturing an email to provide strategic follow-up then what the h*ll are you doing driving them to the site in the first place?

Offer them something powerful and important for giving you their email.

Providing value also means less aggressive email capture ideas that will not offend your reader. Our split testing has proven that strategic pops (again, think outside of the ((pop)) box) reaps many benefits for the client of a site by subsequently adding many potential buyers to their list, without being obnoxious.

ed. notes:

  • Google latest on type of pop-ups allowed for SERPs
  • Types of Plugins… eg., Bloom, et. al.
  • (pending)

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