How Joe Ades’ Approach will Increase Awareness and Sales via Your Website…

“Exposed: How An Old Man With A Funny Accent Made A Million Dollars Selling Potato Peelers On A NYC Sidewalk”

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Copy Chief, Kevin Rogers, describing Joe Ades powerful approach to selling… potato peelers!

A copywriting and marketing guru associate of ours, Kevin Rogers, provides brilliant insights by dissecting the dynamic delivery of the late, Joe Ades, on how he secured thousands of successful (million dollar) sales of potato peelers to intrigued Manhattan NY bystanders…

Here’s the synopsis of Kevin’s insightful ’13’ step breakdown of how Joe actually delivered his street-side sales presentations, while he lived and drank champagne daily in Manhattan, NY…

Apply these informative strategies to your digital marketing agenda and see your conversions turn for the better!

  1. Create attention (Joe stops traffic to get attention)
  2. Promise something of value
  3. Show your credentials (authority)
  4. Describe tangible benefits
  5. Bond with your audience (empathy)
  6. Show dreadful alternatives
  7. Ease of application
  8. Build trust
  9. Proof of acceptance [your product or service]
  10. Extinguish objections
  11. Special offer pricing
  12. Urgency and Logic
  13. Continue to sell while you’re selling

Discover the expanded references behind each of these (13) powerful selling points by visiting Kevin’s blog here…


The Million Dollar Potato Peeler Sales Pitch

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