Keep your eyes out for Progressive Web Apps as a part of Web 3.0…

(subjectively) We thought Progressive Web Apps would had caught on faster (as of early 2019) but even at the speed of the digital world many things take awhile to catch up with the masses.

As a developer keep the PWA in mind in your build and SEO component…
Refer to Google’s input here… Google on PWAs

Question from an inquiry…
“I had someone else tell me to use a PWA but really didn’t understand what it was. I read this but don’t totally understand what it is or how you do it. What are these and how do they work?”

Our Answer…
We understand your thought pattern for sure. It’s essentially an app that doesn’t require one to go to an app store/location to download. It’s actually built into the website platform and delivers up as though it’s a part of a website… eg., App like in its performance but not a stand alone App.

“Thanks… That makes a lot more sense. I was confused as we always think about apps and mobile having to go through the play store, windows store(if those phones still exist), or the apple app store. Now I get what it is.”

Pinterest (as an example) had noticed that their website experience was slow and barely converted 1 percent of all visitors into sign-ups or mobile app installs. This led them to develop a Progressive Web App. With this they saw a whopping 50% increase in ad click-throughs and 60% increase in engagement.

Here’s another Article diving in further……/seriously-though-what-is-a…

Progressive Web Apps - PWA



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