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Remember, your biz needs to expand with proven results… Design is only a portion of what provides for a great marketing campaign.


Now, Keep Your Digital Marketing Campaign Finely Tuned !

Strategies that develop your existing customers while creating more!

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Keyword Research

Keyword Research

The essentials of your website, blog, etc… is the incorporation of proper Keywords that your clients are searching for!

Content Creation and User Interface - UX/UI

Creating powerful content along with proper interfacing of text and images via conversion science will expand your business.

Responsive Web Design

Mobile ‘smart phones’ utilization is now over 72%… Your business must have a website that is ‘Responsive’ to view properly on phones, tablets, ipads and laptops.

Email and Autoresponders

Even today, email remains the most reliable and effective tool for (brick & mortar and online) marketers… Expanding customer relationships with specific techniques provides quality results.

Re-targeting and Paid Advert Placements

Re-Targeting and Paid-Per-Click advertisement are powerful, strategic tools. Yet, this requires a delicate touch to secure a great ROI.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a broad term. It covers a large range of awareness campaigns across many communications platforms. Including; reputation management, directory citations, social platforms and video implementation.

Campaign Launches

Product launch campaigns includes the “7P”‘s of marketing… Product development, Pricing, Placement, Promotion, online Packaging, Positioning & People.

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Your WordPress Maintenance and Security Care Program.


Your Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) ‘https’ Installation…

Don’t let your website be blocked by search browsers with that ‘warning sign’… become https ‘green padlock’ secured today!

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What just a few of our clients are experiencing…

“My patient base is predicated on not only word-of-mouth, it also relies on results I continue to get by online search… satisfying Google and other search engines. I love the fact that I can rely on CustomerCounts as my go-to support, to secure all the pertinent areas of knowledge beyond my abilities!”

Dr. Jennifer Letellier, ND

Be Well Family Medicine

“We’ve been incorporating the CustomerCounts techniques for years now, and… not only do we own first page search engine results for our local businesses, we continue to build an incredible base of customers, utilizing the insights gained with their blueprint.”

Joe & Pam Leder

PJ’s Gourmet Market

“CustomerCounts provides me with a great amount of online marketing assistance, in order to secure first page Google (and other) search engine local results! Our business absolutely relies on customers coming from my Internet exposure.”

Brad Caskey - Owner

Durango Liquor & Wine

“Proper keyword placement on our webpages with ongoing updates, keeps us fresh with search engine(s) compliance. Mobile capable website development and email correspondence with our patrons also contributes to our powerful online marketing results… Couldn’t do this without CustomerCounts’ assistance!”

Ron Greene Publications

Music Dial Charts


Cost Effectiveness with Proven Results!


Digital marketing tips to immediately apply to your Web presence, enhancing your business visibility today!

Websites / Mobile Designs

Keyword Research





Product Launches

Email Autoresponder Funnels

Social Media Marketing Relationships

Remember, your biz needs to expand with proven results… Design is only a portion of what provides for a great marketing campaign…


Keep Your Digital Marketing Campaign Finely Tuned !


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